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Basement and Big Box

blog posted by: Dr. Mac October 4, 2011

Most of the larger online vendors are actually just false fronts for Los Angeles wholesalers. One of the largest livestock vendors had most of their stock drop shipped to you from one of the LA wholesalers. Did you know that the wholesalers get fish in every day and ship them out that same day with little or no quarantine or acclimation? Yes, it is true, I have been there and seen it first hand hundreds of times, fish dome into the wholesaler the night before and are put in a bag and shipped to you the next morning!! If an online vendor shows lots of fish and corals for sale and the photos are not WYSIWYG then that means they are drop shipping your livestock from a wholesaler. The basement guys are even worse, they have no actual facility, just a tank or two and buy their stock from jobbers or wholesalers and have no actual interest in your long term business. They pop up and go out of business just as fast, with little if any experience and no regular best management practices as we do. We have been in business for over 11 years now, are passionate reef hobbyists ourselves, and have a state inspected and licensed aquaculture facility. Watch out for the basement guys with a flashy website and the big box stores that offer everything you can imagine for sale at all times because they don't actually have those animals in stock. Your long term success is in our best interest. We do not drop ship our livestock from other vendors or wholesalers so we never need to apologize for others bad practices. We trust that you will notice the difference in a real coral aquaculture facility, Pacific East Aquaculture.
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