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Caribbean Blue Leg MIGHTY ALGAE DEVOURING Hermit

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Blue Leg Hermit
Cilbanarius tricolor

Dr. Mac's Comments:

Blue leg Caribbean hermits are excellent for reef aquariums, they stay small and are not overly aggressive. They will eat leftover food and LOTS of algae. By cleaning up leftover foods and other wastes they help process this material and keep your tank clean. I love keeping these little guys, they do a great job as tank janitors and are really a joy to watch!  Like all hermits, they may kill snails if they require a new shell and cannot find one so be sure to provide plenty of extras when stocking these animals.
Blue Leg Hermits
Cilbanarius tricolor
Size Range 1/4 - 3/4 inch
Diet Primarily scavangers
Origin Caribbean
Reef Safe Yes
Best Use Eating leftover food and Active Algae Mowers

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