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'Our Pick' Cultured Ultra Maxima Clam SPECIAL

(Item #WS Ultra Clam)

Cultured Maxima Clams(Required) :
   Ultra Blue Reg. $69 ($49.99)
   Ultra Gold Reg. $49 ($29.99)
   Ultra Green Reg. $59 ($39.99)


Approximate size, 1.5-1.75 inches
These are excellent Ultra quality easy to keep cultured Maxima clams. For the "Our Pick" selection we pick from over 100 we have had in stock for over two months. Each clam has a unique color and pattern. They like lots of light, we have kept some under LEDs for several years and they do very well and grow. They do best in tanks that are not too pristine, but rather with a good fish population being fed well because these clams do utilized dissolved organics as food in addition to feeding on the products of photosynthesis. They require a firm base to attach their foot, either place them on a secure area of rockwork where they won't fall or place them on the bottom of the tank with rock rubble or a clam cradle under them.   

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