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Spring Into Fall

blog posted by: Dr. Mac October 3, 2010

Do you recall that old saying to remember what way to change your clocks, spring forward and fall back? Well, we're twisting that a bit and springing into Fall.
As the leaves and weather change so are we! We are excited to launch our new custom web site that has taken us over a year to develop and we are springing full force into the Fall season and new year!!
Along with our new improved look we have expanded our company and now offer a wide variety of top-quality dry goods and equipment as well as new types of livestock. 
Dr. Mao's Blog
This is such an exciting time not only for Pacific East Aquaculture, but also the hobby in general. With our 10 year anniversary of being the premier online vendor we have become known for our high quality and huge variety of livestock with superior customer service. The variety and diversity of livestock available now is better than ever and with new equipment such as LED lighting sweeping across the hobby these are indeed exciting times for reefkeeping hobbyists and we are thrilled to be taking the ride with you!!
In my over 40 years of being a marine aquarium hobyist and part of this industry I have never been more optomistic about the futrure. New equipment make it easier than ever to build and maintain your perfect reef and all the cool new livestock make these thrilling times for die hard hobbyists like myself.
In terms of livestock we have been importing more of our stock directly from our own collectors and have a great network of suppliers that consistently allow us to provide you with a fantastic selection of corals, inverts, and fish. We are working exclusively with our own source in Tahiti to bring you some unbelievable Maxima clams and soon some corals and fish never before seen in the hobby. While clams have been imported from Tahiti before, our source is setting up a clam and coral farm there with our step by step assistance and we have insisted upon more strict quality control measures in the collection, handling, and quarantine of our Maxima clams so that they are in QT for at least 3 weeks before they are ever offered for sale on our site. We wholesale and retail these clams and are the exclusive distributor in the US. If you have not seen these clams get ready to get the sunglasses on, they are electric in color!!
For the first time, with the launch of our new site, we are offering a great selection of dry goods and equipment at very competitive prices. We are offering a variety of LED lighting options for your tank. LED lights have taken the hobby by storm and are the most spectacular new equipment in many years. They offer the intensity of metal halides without the heat or electric demand and with extremely long bulb longevity. The original LED fixtures offered a few years ago were very pricey and limited in options, it seems that every day new options are becoming available in a wide range of prices. many predict that within a year LED lighting will be the new standard. Use LEDs and see your corals pop in color, it is unreal!!
I look forward to your feedback about our new site, I think you'll like it. Take your time and look around and don't forget to test your reef knowledge with our Reef Brainiac game where you accumulate points and get free stuff!! Plus, our custom checkout shopping cart will keep tabs on your purchases so that you know exactly how much in free corals you are eligible for as part of our Better Than Free Shipping offer.
Spring into Fall with us!
Check out our facility in our video:
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