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About Us
Pacific East Aquaculture Retail FacilityOn the Eastern Shore of Maryland we operate the nation's largest indoor coral farm and reef livestock retail and wholesale outlets. Our facility is the first and only inspected, licensed, and certified coral aquaculture facility in the state of Maryland.
Beyond just having the coolest and best retail facility and the nations largest indoor coral farm, we have set up coral farms in the Solomon Islands and French Polynesia, along with a clam propagation facility and full collection station where we collect and propagate clams, fish, inverts, and corals.

We have invested in the future of our hobby by growing thousands of corals in our own greenhouse coral farm. This is a working farm where we aquaculture interesting species for future growth and also coordinate and implement cooperative research studies with local universities including Salisbury University. We have interns from Salisbury University doing all sorts of fun stuff including research projects!

Fish System We always stock  thousands of coral colonies, frags, inverts, clams, and fish, plus live rock, live sand, and dry goods. We offer the largest and most diverse selection of marine aquarium livestock in the U.S.

Dr. Mac, a Board-Certified veterinarian, has been a marine aquarium hobbyist since the 1960's and owns and personally manages  our coral farm and research projects.

Retail Outlet - A Reefkeepers Paradise

Want to personally see any item on this site, just stop by! Come on by and check us out.

Planning to stop in?   Please keep in mind that we are primarily an online retail vendor and as such, we may be helping any number of online customers with their orders during your visit, even if you do not see other customers in the store.   We are happy to offer formal tours of our facility, but these must be scheduled at least one month in advance and availability may be limited.   Tours are offered at no charge for reef clubs and other non-profit educational organizations and schools.   Other groups may be charged a nominal fee depending on the size of the group and the tour desired. 

Inside Retail Facility

State Licensed and Inspected Facility

Greenhouse frags growingOur facility is open to inspection at all times by state authorities. 

Our facility is also used and available on a leased basis to government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions for the production of first and second generation captive grown corals for research purposes.

These companies and institutions require constant quality control and verification of standards.
Maryland's Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service has granted us a Coral  Aquaculture Permit, number 2010-G-010 issued 2-18-2005, as the first facility to " Tank Culture Ornamental Corals" .


Our Greenhouse





In the first year of coral production in our facility we learned that many larger polyped stony corals and soft corals grew extremely well with very vibrant colors under natural sunlight without any lighting supplementation. Many smaller polyped stony corals also grew very rapidly, but some types lost some color intensity over time as seasons changed and light levels and direction shifted. These corals were grown in the greenhouse and then under metal halide or fluorescent lighting and the colors became more vibrant.

Corals in VatWe keep our water quality as near to natural saltwater as possible on a consistent basis including the control of nutrient levels. For example, with new electronic testing equipment we can ensure extremely low verifiable levels of phosphate and nitrate in our culture water.

On a daily basis we monitor temperature, pH, salinity, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, nitrate, potassium, and phosphate levels. These levels are charted and examined to discover any seasonal changes and to make corrections as needed -daily monitoring is critical in a large facility like ours.

Our freshwater source is well water and we ultra purify this water with an elaborate process to insure perfect incoming water quality.  This is extremely critical for a greenhouse type facility. We have found that this is our number one priority on a continual daily basis that we monitor our freshwater and always recommend the same for all our customers whatever their freshwater source. Good quality freshwater is the key to success in a reef tank!

Corals for sale in Retail facilityTo ensure you receive healthy livestock we treat our systems regularly for control of flatworms, red bugs, and other potential pests and all livestock is closely examined before shipping. We also recommend you quarantine all livestock before placement in your display tank. An acclimation sheet is included with each shipment.

You are welcome to call Dr. Mac to discuss the operation of our facility or visit for a tour during our retail hours of operation.



Retail Hours

107 School St.
Mardela Springs, MD 21837

Toll Free: 877-887-5224

Retail Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Closed For Retail
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 
Open 24/7 On Line for Ordering!

Pacific East Aquaculture is the largest state licensed and inspected coral aquacuture facility in the United States. We are open to the public for tours. Please call our office to schedule a time for your group to tour our facility.



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