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Are You A "Reef Brainiac?"

Reef BrainiacTest your reef keeping knowledge with our new "Reef Brainiac" trivia game.

Just log in to our site and you will be all set to start earning points as you play the game. You will be challenged with questions covering every aspect of the hobby. We have questions taken from many of the popular books covering corals, fish, inverts, supplies and general reef keeping skills. Questions range in difficulty from beginner level to expert. For every correct answer you will earn points towards prizes, but for every wrong guess you will lose points.

There will be a winner announced each week  based on the high score for that week. Monthly winner will also be annouced for the highest score for play during that particular month, and then a grand prize will be awarded to the highest score for the entire year.  Don't worry, everyone has a chance to win if they log in and play. So dust off all those reef books and magazines you've had on your shelf and bone up on the hobby, then test your skills with "Reef Brainiac!"
The Rules:
No purchase necessary to play.  Prizes will be shipped to a continental US address only. 
Correct answers will earn you 5 points.  Incorrect answers will subtract 2 points.  Questions will remain in the mix until you have answered them correctly, so be careful!  Answering the same question wrong repeatedly can result in the loss of a significant number of points.  Sometimes it may be better to do a little research first!
Prize notifications will be sent via email to all winners.  You must provide a valid email address to be eligible to win.  Weekly contest winners will have 4 months from the end of their winning contest period to redeem their prize.  Monthly and yearly winners will have 1 year from the end of winning contest period to redeem their prize.  All prizes are non-transferable. Only one Reef Brainiac Gift Certificate can be redeemed per purchase - they can not be combined.
In the event of a tie, Pacific East Aquaculture reserves the right to determine the final winner by the method of our choice.
Point padding, manipulation, or other methods to accumulate higher point totals will result in negating all points accumulated. This includes registering additonal email accounts for the purpose of increasing your odds of winning the game.  See our Privacy Policy page for all rules governing this site. Pacific East Aquaculture is the final authority over what is considered the 'correct' answer in any disputes.  Questions are pulled from various books and reef related references as well as generally accepted reefkeeping knowledge. Reference sources available upon request.
Additional questions will be added to Reef Brainiac as time goes on.  We hope this helps keep things interesting, but don't forget to check back periodically to protect your high score!
Each month the player with the highest score for that month will receive a  Gift Certificate for $25 good towards qualifying corals and/or clams on our site.
Our 2017 Yearly GRAND PRIZE will start tabulating on January 1, 2017 and end on  December 31, 2017. The winner will receive a $100 Gift Certificate towards qualifying corals and/or clams!